This delivery is so good! If you’re in Fishtown especially, it arrives piping hot like it was delivered fresh to your table. It’s such a good deal too, you can eat for 2-3 days on an order priced for a single meal. I was gushing to a friend how good this place is and realized I should be posting this online because they deserve the brag!!

Steph Adriaenssens

It’s AMAZING every time and I order almost once every week. I cannot stay away! The Gobi Manchurian is spicy and delicious and the entrees especially the paneer malai methi are mouth watering good. As a vegetarian it’s hard finding satisfying meals that fully fill you up when out dining. 100% eat here if you want amazing quality Indian food!

NipTheGrip Orders

The food here was fantastic. I have eaten the Chicken Tikka, Garlic Naan, Gulab Juman, and Mango Lassi.
My food had a great balance of spice at medium, but if you're more sensitive you might want to start lower.

Joe Duell

Good stuff I don't normal eat this kinds fold cause I'm more.of a steak guy but it was a friend's bday. I actually thought the food was really good and I am happy to try something new thank you so much for expand my horizon

Bob Donaldson

Consistently excellent food in every category of their menu. Eating in and taking out are both excellent. Some of the best Indian food on the Eastern sea board, hands 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 down! Thanks for all the most memorable meals and helping fill the bellies of Philadelphia.

Betty Yip

I've been ordering takeout from Ekta for what feels like a decade now so I wanted to give them a little love. Always consistently delicious, my favorite place to eat after a long exhausting weekend or a rainy day. This weekend I discovered that I could request to have it made spicy and it didn't disappoint, and kept me from eating too much in one sitting - which is easy to do. I live about a half hours drive from Ekta fishtown now but I still go back one every month or two for a big takeout order to enjoy over several days.

kristin “boosh” graettinger

I used to always get chicken biryani, which is great. I decided to change it up and get chicken tikka masala +spicy with a side of coconut rice. It's the perfect spice level for me. It's so perfect paired with the aromatic coconut rice.
I had everything delivered, it arrived hot and it was packaged well.

Jessica Carr

Delicious Authentic Indian Cuisine ... we had a wonderful dinner tonight at ekta and our server was spot-on; attentive and observant. Don't forget to bring a bottle!

Maria Duignan